>[!Note:] >- Incorporate Bloom's learning domains >- Adapt Kolb's cycle >- Find some illustrations of both >- Biblical foundations for it > **Working definition:** At its best, [[Discipleship]] is transformative learning. It's the kind of learning that changes someone's life. Biblical discipleship is being on Christ's mission and taking others with you. --- [[Transformational Discipleship has much in common with habit formation]]. The overall process develops rhythms within a person's life that engages all of the [[Learning Domains]] in an experiential learning process, similar to [[Kolb's Cycle]]. However, in order for this to be transformative in the appropriate sense, it must be grounded on [[Biblical Models of Discipleship]]. Closely related to the process of discipleship are the [[Spiritual Disciplines]]. These disciplines, empowered by the word of the Spirit in the life of the believer, become the [[Deliberate Practice]] necessary for progressive sanctification to occur. ## Biblical Discipleship >[!Note:] Fill in this section with discussion of Mark 8. >SECTION NEEDS CONTENT ---