[[Need to parse out this concept of "epistemic humility" as I believe it is a really important idea.::lmn]] There was a point in time where you could be the smartest person in the room, but with the death of distance, this is no longer really true. Today, with the internet, there is always easy access to the very best globally in a field. In ministry, that means you’re never the best preacher, theologian, pastor, strategist, etc. I've had more than one conversation with pastors who feel a deep sense of inadequacy. The number of young men preparing for ministry at seminary who never quite feel prepared to begin some form of ministry service has never seemed higher. I believe this new reality that the world's best are always at your fingertips is a significant factor. How do we cope with this? Tyler Cowen in this podcast says “epistemic humility” is a necessary key to living in this new reality. [[Tyler Cowen, "[Thinking About Thinking](https://share.snipd.com/episode/860492cc-0250-49e4-96ca-83eb7695f369)", *Knowledge Project*, Episode 39.::rsn]] I would say, there might be some Bible to bear on this one as well. What does the Scripture say about the need for epistemic humility?