Keystone habits are a certain type of habit upon which other habits and practices depend. In other words, the presence of a keystone habit makes many other habits and practices possible; whereas, the absence of that habit severely hampers the development of other habits and practices.^[On his website, James Clear provides a helpful explanation of keystones habits. See [Keystone Habits: The Simple Way to Improve All Aspects of Your Life]( Clear references Charles Duhigg's [The Power of Habit](, which is a book I would highly recommend.] You can notice these in several areas of life: physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. Take waking up early as one example of a keystone habit. On it's own, rising early may seem unrelated to other habits you desire, such as regular exercise. However, the keystone habit of waking early creates the routine and time to accomplish other tasks and practices, making it easier for them to form into habits as well. In spiritual formation, I'm convinced [[Bible Reading is a Keystone Habit]], alongside prayer, and corporate worship. These habits are essential to [[Transformational Discipleship]] because [[Transformational Discipleship has Much in Common with Habit Formation]].