The core missionary task (CMT) is the language the [International Mission Board]( uses to describe the center of their missions strategy. The CMT consists of six phases: 1. Entry 2. Evangelism 3. Disciplship 4. Healthy Church Formation 5. Leadership Development 6. Exit/Partnership ![Core Missionary Task Diagram]( These aspects of the task are not necessarily linear, though they do follow a rough progression. Furthermore, the task is meant to be a spiral, in that once you reach the end, you begin partnering with the churches and leaders you've developed to further engage in the missionary task. ## Usage by the IMB Intended for use in cross-cultural missions in international fields, the CMT is a framework and not a specific missions method. As a framework, it's broad enough to provide structure for all of the IMB's field strategies regardless of region, culture, or worldview. Different IMB teams across a range of cultural and religious affinities globally employ different missions methods that are both biblically faithful and culturally relevant while congruent with the CMT. ## Usage in North America Though designed for use internationally in cross-cultural settings, the CMT is brush enough to be a helpful framework for North American missions as well. First, the [[The United States is the Most Diverse Country in the World]], which means [[North American missions must consider cross-cultural strategies]] in order to approach [[Gospel Saturation]].