![Jerusalem Map](https://i.imgur.com/lW8qQbk.jpg) >[!Note] ca. 1690 map of Jerusalem by [Daniel Stoopendaal](https://www.raremaps.com/gallery/detail/60651/ierusalem-stoopendahl) The map of content serves as a natural starting place for someone wanting to interact with networked notes. Since these notes do not run in a straight line, it's best to think of them as a web of interrelated ideas. This web works more like a landscape (a notescape perhaps) than a traditional outline. There is no central thesis for these notes, and they are more a space to be explored than an argument to be traced. Like any other landscape, those unfamiliar with the terrain likely need a map to find their way. **This is your map.** The map can be navigated in two different ways: diachronic and synchronic. A *diachronic (or narrative) approach* starts at a particular location, say a burning question, and follows the breadcrumbs through the notes watching an answer unfold. I have listed several questions I am trying to answer with these notes below. You can pick up the beginning of the thread with any of those. Navigating the notes this way is like taking a stroll through the city. A *synchronic (or thematic) approach* to the notes will start with a broad topic in mind. Think of these like neighborhoods or regions on the map. Listed below are a number of high level topics that can be considered regions of this notescape. Navigating the notes this way is like canvasing a neighborhood. --- ## Important Questions I'm Trying to Answer 1. What is my understanding of the [[Biblical Theology of Mission]]? 2. How can a deep understanding of immigration and missions to immigrants in the past help us do better ministry today? 3. How can we develop a [[Local Church Strategy for Diaspora Missions]]in the 21st century? 4. What is my position on [[Contextualization on the Mission Field]], and how would I teach others to do it well? 5. How might the local church [[Equip Potential North American Missionaries]] to reach cities for Christ? 6. How can we effectively evaluate missionaries and ones sents for Great Commission ministry? 7. What are the [[Critical Issues Facing North American Missionaries]] today? --- ## Regions of the Notescape These are a sampling of general categories that give shape to the network of notes. You can find a particular theme or subject of interest here. ### Theology of Mission * [[Biblical Theology of Mission]] * [[Mission of God]] * [[Mission of God's People]] ### Missiology * [[Contextualization on the Mission Field]] * Critical Issues in North American Missions * Gospel Conversion as Worldview Transformation * [[Urban Missions]] ### Church Ministry * Local Church Strategy for Diaspora Missions * Preparing a Church to Equip for Sending * [[Transformational Discipleship]] * [[Spiritual Disciplines]] * Church Renewal * A list of [[Christian Podcasts]] ### Notetaking * Taking Smart Notes * Digital Gardens * [[Starting a Personal Website]] ### Metacognition * [[Learning Domains]] * [[Experiential Learning]] * [[Locus of Control]] * [[Focus on What is Good]]