>The following books are a selection of works that I regularly recommend to pastors and ministry leaders in local churches to suggest and use with their congregations. These books cover a ranger of topics under the broader umbrella of missions. They take up topics such as: evangelism, church planting, global missions, revitalization and replanting, missionary biographies, and sending for missions. Akin, Daniel L. *[Ten Who Changed the World.](https://amzn.to/3lE0nlg)* Nashville: B&H, 2012. Anderson, Courtney. *[To the Golden Shore: The Life of Adoniram Judson.](https://amzn.to/3lz2Qxn)* Anniversary Edition. King of Prussia, PA: Judson Press, 1987. Ashford, Riley. *[Gospel of Our King.](https://amzn.to/3iqlIfU)* Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2019. Clifton, Clint. *[Church Planting Thresholds: A Gospel-Centered Guide.](https://amzn.to/3rTcagM)* New City Network, 2016. Coleman, Robert. *[The Master Plan of Evangelism.](https://amzn.to/2VkAtsg)* 2 edition. Grand Rapids: Revell, 2010. DeYoung, Kevin, and Greg Gilbert. *[What Is the Mission of the Church?: Making Sense of Social Justice, Shalom, and the Great Commission.](https://amzn.to/2Vm9eNY)* Wheaton: Crossway, 2011. Elliot, Elisabeth. *[Through Gates of Splendor.](https://amzn.to/2Vk3159)* Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale Momentum, 2002. Elmer, Duane. *[Cross-Cultural Conflict: Building Relationships for Effective Ministry](https://amzn.to/3A9f3wK).* Unknown edition. Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 1993. ———. *[Cross-Cultural Connections: Stepping Out and Fitting In Around the World.](https://amzn.to/3lxuBGv)* IVP Academic, 2002. ———. *[Cross-Cultural Servanthood: Serving the World in Christlike Humility.](https://amzn.to/37ogcEs)* Downers Grove: IVP, 2006. Fries, Micah, and Keith Whitfield, eds. *[Islam and North America: Loving Our Muslim Neighbors.](https://amzn.to/2VvK3Ij)* Nashville: B&H Academic, 2018. Greear, J. D. *[Gaining By Losing: Why the Future Belongs to Churches that Send.](https://amzn.to/3Clk9I3)* Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2015. Green, Michael. *[Evangelism in the Early Church.](https://amzn.to/3is3UBc)* Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2004. Hesselgrave, David J. *[Paradigms in Conflict: 15 Key Questions in Christian Missions Today.](https://amzn.to/2TXqKax)* Expand updated edition. Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2018. Scott Hildreth, D. *[Together on God’s Mission: How Southern Baptists Cooperate to Fulfill the Great Commission.](https://amzn.to/3iqjWeZ)* Nashville: B&H Academic, 2018. g Keller, Timothy. *[Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City.](https://amzn.to/2VylvOS)* Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2012. Lanier, Sarah A. *[Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot and Cold Climate Cultures.](https://amzn.to/3xlCEZq)* Hagerstown, MD: McDougal Publishing, 2000. McKinley, Mike. *[Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things.](https://amzn.to/3xrVcaj)* Wheaton: Crossway, 2017. Newman, Randy, and Lee Strobel. *[Questioning Evangelism: Engaging People’s Hearts the Way Jesus Did.](https://amzn.to/3xxHbrW)* Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2017. Packer, J. I. *[Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God.](https://amzn.to/3fAavYv)* Downers Grove: IVP, 2012. Payne, J. D. *[Strangers Next Door: Immigration, Migration and Mission.](https://amzn.to/3Ae2i3Z)* Downers Grove: IVP, 2012. Piper, John. *[Filling up the Afflictions of Christ: The Cost of Bringing the Gospel to the Nations in the Lives of William Tyndale, Adoniram Judson, and John Paton](https://amzn.to/3ynML14)* Wheaton: Crossway, 2014. ———. *[Let the Nations Be Glad!: The Supremacy of God in Missions.](https://amzn.to/37lVx3N)* Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2010. Stott, John. *[Christian Mission in the Modern World.](https://amzn.to/3ytOr9h)* Downers Grove: IVP, 2015.