## Notes Schnabel's definition of mission: >The term "mission" or "missions" refers to the activity of a community of faith that distinguishes itself from its environment in terms of both religious belief (theology) and social behavior (ethics), that is convinced of the truth claims of its faith, and that actively works to win other people to the content of faith and the way of life of whose truth and necessity the members of that community are convinced.(22) >Mission proceeds from an authority that sends envoys and a message to other people and to other places.(22) According to Schnabel, the word mission is in the Bible a lot. The Latin *mittere* corresponds to *apostellein*, which occurs 136 times in the New Testament.(27) Schnabel's Threefold Realities of Missions Work: [[Schnabel, *Paul the Missionary*,27-28.::rsn]] 1. Missionaries communicate the news of Jesus the Messiah and Savior to people who have not heard or accepted this news. 2. Missionaries communicate a new way of life that replaces,at least partially, the social norms and the behavioral pattern of the society in which the new believers have been converted. 3.Missionaries integrate the new believers into a new community. did not Sync