A whole Bible theology of mission is integral to a healthy [[Biblical Theology of Mission]], and includes both a full understanding of the [[Mission of God]] and the [[Mission of God's People]]. Wright is correct when he claims the "biblical basis for missions" conversation is often little more than scouring the text for out-of-context proofs for an already determined strategy.^[Wright, Christopher J. H. “Truth with a Mission: Reading All Scripture Missiologically.” *Southern Baptist Journal of Theology* 15.2 (2011): 4–14.] As a correction, Wright proposes his missional hermeneutic. In *The Mission of God's People*, Wright writes, >"There should be no theology that does not relate to the mission of the church — either by being generated out of the church's mission or by inspiring and shaping it. And there should be no mission of the church carried on without deep theological roots in the soil of the Bible." ^[The Mission of God's People (Wright, 2010).] >[!Note] Need to find Hesselgrave's discussion of a missionary hermeneutic that predates Wright. This is in accordance with the Martin Kahler quote made famous by David Bosch in *Transforming Mission*, "Mission is the mother of theology."^[Transforming Mission (Bosch, 1991).] Indeed, Ott, Strauss, and Tennent in their theology of mission text, *Encountering Theology of Mission*, claim, >"The Bible is from start to finish a missionary book," begins Ott, Strauss, and Tennet's Encountering Theology of Mission.^[Encountering Theology of Mission (Ott), loc. 535.] ## Adopting a Central Themes Approach >[!Note] Unpack this section considering the missio dei as one of the most significant central themes in Scripture. While Wright is a healthy correction to anemic attempts at biblical proof testing to support missions, it is best to think of mission not as the biblical center of the Scriptures but as one of several central themes that run throughout the canon. --- *© 2023 Keelan Cook. All rights reserved. This site may earn from qualifying purchases as an Amazon Associate.*