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Important Questions to Answer

The following questions are a good representation of the major areas of my study. All fall within theolgy and applied theology categories, and all of the are very important for the sake of the gospel and the glory of God.

  1. Discuss the Biblical Theology of MissionBiblical Theology of Mission
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    [[A Whole Bible Theology of Mission]]
    [[Mission and Missions]]
    The [[Mission of God]]
    The [[Mission of God's People]]

    Key Resources

    Goheen, Michael W. A Light to the Nations: The Missional Church and the Biblical Story. Baker Academic, 2011.
    Kostenberger, Andreas J., and Peter T. O’Brien. Salvation to the Ends of the Earth: A Biblical Theology of Mission. Leicester, England : Downers Grove, Ill: Apollos / I...
    . Include in your response relevant biblical texts and key resources that address this topic well.
  2. How can a deep understanding of immigration and missions to immigrants in the past help us do better ministry today?
  3. Develop an Informed Strategy for US Immigrant Engagement in the 21st century.
  4. What is my position on Contextualization on the Mission FieldContextualization on the Mission Field
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    History of Contextualization
    In 1972, the term "contextualization" was coined by the co-directors of the Theological Education Fund for the World Council of Churches.[[Nicholls1979-jt, 21.::rsn]] The person usually attributed with the term was Shoki Coe.[[Keller2012-ln, 91.::rsn]]

    The Ecumenical Version
    In its initial uses, the ecumenical version of contextualization often equated the context with Scripture in determining theol...
    , and how would I teach others to do it well?
  5. How might the local church Equip Potential North American MissionariesEquip Potential North American Missionaries
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    What is meant by "reaching a city"?
    The term reach has a broad definition in Christian mission and ministry today. At the maximalist end is the aspiration to "redeem culture" and transform social and cultural norms, affecting a lasting and holistic change on the city that presses it closer to the kingdom of God. At the other end of the spectrum, a common minimalist definition is the distribution of gospel literature on someone's do...
    to reach cities for Christ?
  6. How can we effectively evaluate missionaries and ones sents for Great Commission ministry?
  7. What are the Critical Issues Facing North American MissionariesCritical Issues Facing North American Missionaries
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    Move Past the Rhetoric of Multiplication
    North American missionaries must find a way to move past the rhetoric of multiplication and facilitate churches shifting from a recruitment paradigm to a development paradigm.


    We need more planters tweet from Kevin saying the pond is drying up.
    2018 study by Send Institute

    Prepare for the Wave of Dying Churches
    A wave of church deaths is looming on the horizon for North ...

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