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Gospel Saturation

Gospel Saturation is the idea that every man, woman, and child in a region would have access to the gospel in a way they understand.

In Scripture, we see this goal described by Luke in the summary statements he provides concerning the Mission of the ChurchMission of the Church
As God's New Covenant community, the church is responsible for the [[Mission of God's People]] in the time between the times, as we provide witness to the kingdom inaugurate by Christ and await it's final consummation.

The following is a concise summary statement for the mission of the church:

On behalf of the Father the church is sent by Christ the Son and empowered by the Holy Spirit to all nations as witnesses in order to make disciples for His glory.

On Behalf of the Father, Sent b...
. In each instance, Luke now how the Word of the Lord increased, spread, multiplied, and even prevailed.list references here Like records that all within a region had heard the Word of the Lord.cite references