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Gentle and Lowly (Ortland, 2020)

Main Takeaway

This was perhaps the best book I read in 2020.

Ortland's work is both educational and devotional, wedding a slow-motion look at the Scriptures concerning the character of Christ with a devotional tone that carries the reader toward genuine worship.

This book didn't just teach me something new about God, it increased my affections for him.


  • Transformational DiscipleshipTransformational Discipleship

    Incorporate Bloom's learning domains
    Adapt Kolb's cycle
    Find some illustrations of both
    Biblical foundations for it

    Working definition: At its best, [[Discipleship]] is transformative learning. It's the kind of learning that changes someone's life. Biblical discipleship is being on Christ's mission and taking others with you.

    [[Transformational Discipleship has much in common with habit formation]]. The overall process develops rhythms within a person's life that engages all...
  • Spiritual DisciplinesSpiritual Disciplines
    Spiritual disciplines are a type of [[Deliberate Practice]] which serve as the primary means of grace through which the Spirit sancitifies the believer and are essential to [[Transformational Discipleship]]. A number of these practices can be found throughout Scripture and include things such as: the regular study and memorization of the Scriptures, prayer, fasting, evangelism, corporate worship and fellowship, confession, and accountability.

    Scripture does not provide an exhaustive or syste...